SPINE EXPERTS GROUP 2014 MEETING - October 31 - November 1 2014, Hotel Marmara Pera, Istanbul

Prof. Dr. Cumhur KILINÇER has attended to the Spine Experts Group 2014 Meeting, October 31 - November 1 2014, Hotel Marmara Pera, Istanbul.He has delivered two talks in this meeting.

Click for the lectures (in Turkish):

  • Microforaminotomy: A new surgical technique for lumbar disc herniation: HTML, PDF
  • Importance of oblique view of 3D computer tomography in determining cervical foraminal stenosis: HTML, PDF

Meeting faculty together.
SEG 2014

Dr. Cumhur KILINÇER is together with meeting chairs Dr. Burak AKESEN and Dr. Ufuk AYDINLI.


October 31-November 01,2014

Marmara Pera Hotel, Istanbul

Opening Ceremony                             13:00-13:30

Prof.Dr.Ufuk Aydinli

Prof.Dr.Serdar Kahraman,    
President of Turkish Spinal Surgery Society

Guest Lecture
Where we are Heading in Spine Surgery Education in Europe
Prof.Dr. Haluk Berk
President of  SSE

Session 1: Deformity                        13:30-16:30

Moderator: Mushkin A,Vengust R.

Management of Infantile and Juvenile Scoliosis      13:30-14:00
Emre Acaroglu
How do we obtain best aesthetic outcome after scoliosis surgery                                    
Emre Acaroglu                                14:00-14:30

Spinal Inclination in the Cervical-Thoracic Region: A spontaneous abnormality or syndrome?  (Five-centers clinical cases series)Mushkin AYu, Ulrich EV, Gubin AV, Kolesov SV, Ryabykh SO,Vissarionov SV                    1430-1445

New technique for growing rod                   14:45-1500
Ufuk Aydinli,Kursat Kara,Osman Yaray,Muren Mutlu

My experience and overview on magnetic growing rod for deformity correction                            15.00-1515
Akesen B .

Efficiency of Intraoperative Halo-femoral Traction For The Treatment of Scoliosis Over 70 Degrees
 Aydogan M, Erdem MN , Tezer M.                        15:15-1530

Does pedicle screw fixation under age five disrupt vertebral    growth? A computerized tomography study       
Ozturk C                                1530-1545

Complications of Growth-Sparing Surgery in Early Onset Scoliosis                                   
Söyüncü Y., Gülten I.A.                         15:45-1600

Which factors influence spontaneous curve correction after selective thoracic fusion in lenke type 1b and c curves?
Ozturk C.                                    16:00-1615

Discussion                                16:15-16:30

Spine Chat                                16:30-1800

Moderator: Ursu T.

Staged surgery in tumour of unknown origin: A case of adamantinoma metastasis in the thoracic spine”.
Ursu T.

Osteosarcoma case report
Aydoğan M.

Giant spinal schwannomas
Naderi S.

Multifocal and multicentric chordoma 
Nilesh Mohen, Muren Mutlu, Kursat Kara,Osman Yaray, Ufuk Aydinli

Charcot Spine
Nilesh Mohen, Burak Akesen,Muren Mutlu, Kursat Kara,Osman Yaray, Ufuk Aydinli

November 1, 2014 Saturday

Session 2: Degenerative Spine                           0900-1200 

Moderator: Kaftandziev I. Vorsic M.,                           

How we can prevent failures after lumbar spine instrumentation after age of 60.                         
Lamartine C.                                09:00-0915

Map of Back-Pain                            09:15–09:30
Gökyar I, Karaeminoğulları O.

Is bacterial infection a factor in degenerative disc disease?
Lidija Gradisnik, Tomaz Velnar, Gorazd Bunc, Matjaz Vorsic, Janez Ravnik, Tadej Strojnik                    09:30-09:45

Extraspinal lumbar compression and sciatica caused by hidden pelvic expansion. A presentation of unusual cases            Velnar T,  Bunc G, RavnikJ, Vorsic M            09:45-10:00

Microforaminotomy: A new surgical technique for lumbar disc herniation
Kilincer C.                                 10:00-10:15

Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Discectomy
Karaeminoğulları O., Gökyar I., Özer R.O.,
Dumanlar Tan E.                             10:15-10:30

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) cages for interbody fusion in pyogenic spondylodiscitis
Venguest R                                10:30-10:45                       

Unilateral approach for bilateral decompression of lumbar spinal stenosis: A minimal invasive surgery
Yalniz E.                                     10:45-11:00

Importance of oblique view of 3D computer tomography in determining cervical foraminal stenosis
Kilincer C.                                 11:00-11:15

Open Door Cervical Laminoplasty – Long-Term Results           S. Milickovic O Krneta, , B. Jesic.,A. Curcic.,Z. Poleksić
Mushkin AYu, Ulrich EV, Gubin AV, Kolesov SV, Ryabykh SO,           Vissarionov SV                            11:15-11:30               

Simultaneous posterior cervical and lumbar decompression in a case of tandem SCM and LSS
Naderi S.                                    11:30-11:45                       

Discussion                                     11:45-12:00                           

Lunch                                                           12:00-13:30       

Session 3: Spine Tumors and Trauma            1330-1700   

Moderator:  Milinkovic Z, Saveski J.          

Strategies in metastatic spine tumors with neurological   involvement
Naderi S.                                    1330-1345                   

Surgical Treatment of Metastatic Spinal Tumors with Spinal Cord Compression
Saveski J., Trajkovska N., Hasani I.,
Kaftandziev I.                                  1345-1400
Surgical indications in Cervical Spine Trauma
Kahraman S.                                14:00-1415

Thorocolumbar Spine Trauma Classification 
Lamartine C.                                14:15-14:30

A case of atlantoaxial rotator instability in elite young professional tennis player after manual manipulation
Zdeslav B. Milinkovic, DJ. Jelic,  D. Aleksandric,  D            Milinkovic                                    14:30-14:45

Clearance, Evaluation, Timing of Surgery of Cervical Spine Injuries in Multi- and Polytraumatized Patients
Saveski J., Trajkovska N., Mihajloski D.,
Kaftandziev I.,   Hasani I., Trpeski S.            14:45-15:00                   

Dislocated occipital condyle fracture with unreducable atlanto-occipital dislocation What to do with the survivor?
Hasani I., Kaftandziev I., Stojkovska Pemovska E., Trpeski S, Nikolov L., Kostov H., Gavrilovski A., Emini S.    15:00-15:15

Unusual traumatic injury of the cervical spinal cord: a
consequence of degeneration and oscillation?
 Tomaz Velnar, Rado Pregelj, Vladimir Smrkolj, Gorazd Bunc, Matjaz Vorsic,  Janez Ravnik                     15:15-15:30

Vertebroplasty for Steroid Induced Osteoporotic Fractures in Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease: A Solution for Pain and   Respiratory Problems           
Beyaz S, Ozalay M ,Derincek A.,
Avcı M.C., Battal V.E.                            15:30-15:45

Complications of Vertebroplasty
Yucesoy K.                                 15:45-16:00

Modified posterior vertebral column resection for the treatment of osteoporotic fractures with neurological deficit in elderly patients
Ozturk C.                                    16:00-16:15


Discussion                                  1615-1645




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